Wellness Corner

We converted our hayloft into a quaint Wellness Corner that can accommodate up to two people, guaranteeing and intimate experience for our guests. It is equipped with a Turkish bath with chromo therapy. It is also possible to book massages and personalized wellness treatments that will be provided for by a trained professional. Guests will complete these moments of pure relax on our chaise longue where you can sip one of the infused teas provided for surrounded by candles and music. Access to our wellness corner is not included in the room rates. We will be happy to book for you any special wellness services.


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Immersed in nature, surrounded by typical Tuscan vineyards, a wine therapy program aimed at exploring the deepest bonds of the body with wine fits perfectly.

The treatment rejuvenates the epidermis, improves its tone and hydrates it. It also performs a toning action for the muscles and antioxidant for the cells.

A practice in which wine and grapes are used as a true beauty elixir.


Body massage "divine caresses" (50 min)

A wine therapy massage with grape must cream is the perfect corollary of the wine therapy path for a more toned, hydrated and intoxicated skin with the scent of strawberry grapes.


Magical ritual for the body “Baccanali” (70 min)

This is a cleansing and revitalising ritual that influences not only the body but also the mind and
Delicate peeling massage, hammam and a body massage with wine cream and smooth gentle
movements to evoke deep relaxation and wellbeing.


Face treatment “Mosto di Bacco” (30 min)

Gentle cleansing, gentle exfoliation, application of serum and antiwrinkle, rejuvenating facial
massage, firming mask, treatment of the eyes.
Face treatment: a delicate scrub is combined with a toning and relaxing massage to restore
radiance to the skin; the final face mask delivers incredible softness, improving hydration

To be relaxed, take the stress away, to cuddle our body.... this is the spirit of our wellness center.


Relaxing massage with aromatic olive oil or argan oil (25 min.)

Relaxing massage with aromatic olive oil or argan oil (50 min.)


Couple Massage (70 min)

One massage each with Argan oil or olive oil (30 min each) and relaxation area with hammam (steam bath in a chromotherapy environment). Please note that not having two massage stations, the massages will not be carried out simultaneously.


Hot Stone Massage (50 min.)

Ancient therapy using hot embalmed stones of the volcanic origin with extreme healing properties.


Relaxing back massage with aromatic oil (50 min.)

Purifying, energizing and detoxifying massage to relieve tension and reduce anxiety and stress levels. The relaxation massage stimulates the production of endorphins, improving the mood of those who receive it.


Cupcake Massage with hammam (60 min.)

The treatment begins with a session of hammam (steam bath in a chromotherapy environment) to prepare the skin for cupcake massage, an extremely nourishing treatment that uses a stick formulated with natural oils and butters that melt in depth with hydration in contact with body temperature the skin making it extremely soft and silky.


Candles Massage (50 min.)

Unique perfumes and vegetable butters for body care….

It is a relaxing massage for body and psyche, leaving the skin softer than any oil. In addition to a massage, it represents a real wellness ritual, a precious moment in which all the senses are involved.

the "steam bath" is a Middle Eastern practice that has its origins in the Greco-Roman tradition.
The Hammam ritual proposed by us makes use of Moroccan products for a deep cleansing of the skin and presents itself as a harmonious combination of beauty and well-being, purification of the body and relaxation of the mind. Black soap, Argan oil combined with Hammam are a useful and pleasant practice in every month of the year.
In winter it helps prevent problems related to cooling, frees the respiratory tract, fights muscle pain and thanks to the peeling it eliminates toxins making the skin more elastic, toned and relaxed; in summer, on the other hand, it allows you to lower your body temperature giving a refreshing action and, together with the peeling, renews the tan which becomes brighter and longer lasting.


HAMMAM RITUAL “Pure Beauty Cuddles”

The journey begins with a steam bath in a chromotherapy environment to relax tensions, expel toxins and prepare the skin for subsequent treatments.
It continues with a savonnage, the application of black soap based on olives and mineral salts on the whole body which, purifying and nourishing the skin thanks to the presence of vitamin E, prepares it for exfoliation.
The gommage is a body peeling that is carried out with the kessa glove which, in addition to making the skin extremely silky and velvety, removes dead cells for a detoxifying, energizing and anti-stress action.
The path ends with a relaxing massage with the precious Argan oil and with the tasting of specific natural herbal tea (draining, relaxing, energizing).


(30 min.)

Steam bath in a chromotherapy environment to relax tensions, expel toxins with specific natural herbal tea (draining, relaxing, energizing) to be enjoyed in the relaxation corner.

Hot Stone Massage (50 min.) € 67,00 Massage performed through the use of volcanic stones, which slowly release the heat and which have in themselves the healing power of Mother Earth. Stimulating, draining and detoxifying effect. It dissolves the energy blocks thanks to the connections with the primordial forces of Nature. The stones and crystals, the wise maneuvers of hot stone massage, can give pleasant moments of relaxation to every spirit.

Swimming Pool

Open from May to September and equipped with sun beds, it is the ideal place to relax reading a good book or cool off on hot summer days.