Medieval Castle of Montecchio - 2km

With an easy walk of about 15 minutes, from Borgo tra gli Olivi, you reach the castle of Montecchio Vesponi which stands on a hill overlooking the underlying town of Montecchio and the entire Valdichiana. Thanks to its excellent state of conservation it is to be considered the most interesting medieval fortress in the Arezzo area and among the most beautiful in all of Tuscany. Even today it is equipped with a crenellated walls punctuated by towers that stretches for 263 meters, with a magnificent keep to the side of which rises a slender square tower about thirty meters that makes it easy to spot from the surrounding area .  

At the end of the fourteenth century, the castle became the home of the famous captain of fortune John Hawkwood, better known by the Italian name of Giovanni Acuto. The castle is now a private residence.